Understanding Preflight Requests

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What is a preflight request?

Before certain HTTP requests are made to a server a preflight HTTP request is first sent to that server using the OPTIONS method to make sure the request that follows is safe. A request will be preflighted if: - Any custom request headers are included. Custom request headers are any outside of the following: Accept, Accept-Language, Content-Language, Content-Type, DPR, Width, Downloadlink, Save-Data, Viewport-Width. - If any values are set for the Content-Type header that are not: application/x-www-form-urlencoded, multipart/form-data, text/plain - Preflight is automatically issued when using the following HTTP methods: PUT, PATCH, DELETE, CONNECT, TRACE.

What does the preflight request do to make sure the request that follows is safe?

It makes sure that the server that is receiving the request is a CORS enabled server. Older servers built before the time of or without implementing CORS and the Same-origin Policy could be susceptible to an attack from a malicious 3rd party sending requests on behalf of an unsuspecting user.

What is a simple request?

A simple request is any HTTP request that is not preflighted these requests must satisfy the following conditions: - Do not include custom headers. - Do not include values set for the Content-Type header outside of: application/x-www-form-urlencoded, multipart/form-data, text/plain. - Use either the GET, POST, or HEAD methods.

If a request is preflighted, when is the actual request sent?

After the preflight request has completed and your request is determined to be safe the request that was intended will be automatically sent.

What request headers can be included in an HTTP request that will not trigger a pre-flight request?

Accept, Accept-Language, Content-Language, Content-Type are the four most often noted headers, but also DPR, Width, Downloadlink, Save-Data and Viewport-Width.

What are the HTTP methods that by default will not trigger a preflight request?