Ecto: convert query to sql

There may come a time in your Ecto life where you want to know what the actual SQL statement is that the Repo module is generating for you. When that special time comes, you have a wonderful function you can leverage that exists on the Ecto.Adapters.SQL module, to_sql/3. To use this function you need to pass the Repo function (expressed as an atom) and the Ecto.Query as arguments. Example:

query = from s in "stores", select:
Ecto.Adapters.SQL.to_sql(:all, query)

In a previous post{:taget=“_blank”} I detailed how if you’re using one of these Ecto database adapters:

  1. Postgres
  2. MySQL
  3. SQLServer

Then you don’t need to use the Ecto.Adapters.SQL module because the .to_sql function will be imported into your Repo module.

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