Options for exiting Elixirs IEx.pry debugger

I’ve found myself getting stuck on this a few times and wanted to have a list of options for handling this but couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. I hope this helps you!

After you require the IEx module invoking the IEx.pry function it in your codebase like so:

require IEx

defmodule SomeModule do
  def my_function 
    some_var_1 = "data"
    some_var_2 = ["data2", "data3"]


When the IEx.pry function is called your application will pause and allow you to inspect the current runtime environment. Once you are done with your inspection you can break out of the debugger with the following options:

  1. respawn
  2. CTRL + c

Calling respawn allows you to resume code execution by starting a new IEx shell and releasing the current one.

CTRL + C will kill your running process(es).