Installing Localstack in a Python virtual environment

This post assumes you are creating this environment on macOS.

The first step here is to create the virtual environment directory. The command below will install the virtual environment in the current directories venv folder:

python3 -m venv ./venv

This will create a number of files for you, if you cd into the the venv directory you can list them:

=> cd venv && ls
bin    include    lib    pyvenv.cfg

To start the virtual environment execute the activate executable located in the bin folder of venv:

=> source bin/activate

Running this will pull you into the virtual environment, which you can check by running:

=> which python

Now you can install the localstack package from within the virtual environment:

=> python3 -m pip install localstack

Once complete check that you have successfully installed localstack by executing the command localstack in your terminal.

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