Create a new DB record using Ecto

When using Ecto modules for your database adapter one of the first things you will want to learn how to do is insert records into your database. Typically if you’re going to be inserting records from user input you will want to run those fields through an Ecto.Changeset but if you’re just trying to test out insert functionality you can create an Ecto.Schema struct and then commit the insert using Ecto.Repo like so:

iex(3)> o = Barks.Repo.get(Barks.Organization, "733a7583-1a79-4c8d-b800-6a9a1513f80f")
iex(4)> t = %Barks.Team{name: "ddd", organization: o}
iex(5)> Barks.Repo.insert(t)

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