How to push to Github Pages using a personal access token

Step 1: Generate a Personal Access Token

-Navigate to the GitHub Settings page.
- Select "Developer settings" from the left sidebar.
- Click on "Personal access tokens."
- *Important* when generating make sure you use the Tokens Classic token and not the Fine-grained one in this tutorial
- Click "Generate token" and provide a note, and select the scopes you want the token to have access to. In my case I selected `repo` which gave full access to the repository.
- Copy the generated token. Keep this private.

Step 2: Add the origin with your token structure

If you currently have a remote origin set for the repository you're using make sure you remove it using the following command:
git remote remove origin

Step 3: Add the origin with your token example

And then using your newly generated access token run the next command:
git remote add origin https://<

In practice that would look something like the below:

git remote add origin

Step 4: Try using the token

From there you can make updates to your repository like pushing to the main branch, try pushing a new commit using the command:
git push origin main