Transform an Elixir string from CamelCase to snake_case

One common scenario you might encounter in Elixir programming is the need to transform strings from CamelCase to Snake_Case. This conversion is preferred in order to align with Elixir’s naming convention and enhance code clarity.

CamelCase strings, where words are concatenated without spaces and each word begins with a capital letter, can be prevalent in certain contexts. To bring uniformity to your code, it’s often beneficial to convert these CamelCase strings to Snake_Case, where words are separated by underscores and all letters are in lowercase.

The transformation process involves breaking down the CamelCase string into individual words, converting each word to lowercase, and then joining them with underscores. In Elixir, the String module provides convenient functions to facilitate this conversion seamlessly.

Consider the following example:

camel_case_string = "theTestString"
snake_case_string = String.split(camel_case_string, ~r/([A-Z])/)
  |> Enum.join("_")

This snippet demonstrates how to convert a CamelCase string to Snake_Case using Elixir’s String module. By incorporating this transformation into your coding practices, you contribute to a more standardized and comprehensible Elixir codebase, ultimately fostering better collaboration and code maintainability.

I hope this helped! Have a good one!